Sunday, November 7, 2010

Advanced Behavior Training Class

Advanced Behavior Training

Come join us in an 8 week adventure. Be prepared to put basic skills to the test in the real world. This innovative class meets at various locations including parks, public shopping areas, hiking trails. stores and more. Everyone will learn how to transfer the skills they've learned in class to real world situations and increase their dog's reliability when faced with major distractions.

The class is 8 sessions, one session a week. One of these session will be a one-on-one with a trainer at your home (or other choice of venue) to assist you in handling those things that just cannot be addressed in a class situation. Next Advanced Behavior Training Class starts next Sunday morning - November 14th - at 9am at Brandi Fenton Park near the dog park areas.

Here are some of the highlights of the last Advanced Behavior Training Class. We had a lot of fun and the dogs learned to be social and have fun also. Sign Up Here

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