Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charlie Testimonial

"I generally enjoy owning 2 dogs and lost my female lab mix in June of 2010. As much as I wanted another dog, my old male mixed breed had an aggressive disposition to most dogs, especially when they came onto our property. I enrolled Charlie in Jamie's reactive dog class for socialization and to learn dog language, cues and behaviors. Jaime trained me to support Charlie in his behavior change. I' adopted a 1-2 yr old Terrier mix 5 wks ago. Jamie came to my home to observe and spend time watching the dogs. She recommended a gradual blend of the dogs in positive situations to build an early relationship. We have transitioned over the weeks to a coexistance that I thought impossible. At this point, I still observe them and they argue a bit, but they spend a fair amount of time together off leash and are overall establishing a relationship. Jamie gave me confidence to work with my dog who I thought would never allow another dog in our house. I am thrilled! "

 I looked everywhere for a picture of Charlie and couldn't find one on this computer, but the picture above is the class he was in. 

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