Monday, October 17, 2011


No one functions well in and environment full of chaos. Chaos affects us mentally, behaviorally and physically. Dogs living in the midst of chaos, just like us, are more likely to have a compromised immune system, get ill, stay ill longer, and have a shorter life span. In a chaotic environment where there is no or inconsistent and confusing rules, structure, barriers and restraints, dogs are far m...ore likely to be forced to exhibit the extremes of canine behavior.
Nature, despite the seemingly random system of evolution, is not chaotic. The conservation of energy is one of the most important and pervasive concepts where man has had little to no influence. The entire system of dog culture and dog language is set up to facilitate conflict resolution and the conservation of energy. The entire focus of canine social language is to facilitate a steady state whereby survival of the individual, the family and the species are ensured. Dogs are hard wired to crave stability

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