Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of Control class 09/15/2011

This is Charlie.  He came to us in January for Reactive Dog Class and only made it to 3 sessions.  He was completely out of control most of the time when other dogs came around.  I vividly remember his first class when he redirected on his owner and got in a good bite.

Charlie has gotten worse over the months and eventually he came back to us to finish what we started.  His first class he was withdrawn, fearful, terrified of me, the walls, my dogs and walked in a crouch the whole time.
Now, three weeks later, here is Charlie, along with Kino and Chester, just doing car crashes, some confidence course and a wee bit of TTouch. 

(Please ignore the date on the video, I wasn't paying attnetion !!!)

Charlie has some weakness in his front shoulders and left front leg.  He gets TTOUCH every 15 minutes, withe the occassional massage.  His first session he pertty much collapsed after 20 minutes of work.  Now he can do the entire hour and still have some energy.  Charlie's reactivity to other dogs is almost completely a byproduct of the pain he is in.

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