Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Makes A Professional Trainer?

Here is a testimonial from one of my puppy clients who not only learned the basics of puppy training, but also learned how to think outside the box and use the tools I taught her in a new situation on behaviors that we didn't work on in class.  The client posted this today on Facebook and I shared it on my wall.

"Today was a super great dog day for me...Neighbors were working in the yard across the street. I was able to open the door and take advantage of the opportunity to teach Cocoa about her barking behaviors. Every time she barked at them with the door open, I closed the door and said no and lightly held her muzzle closed, then associated this behavior with a treat. Opened the door and repeated the process. Eventually, she accepted that if she wanted it open she couldn't bark...and she got many treats for not barking.Then stepped it up and leashed her and took her out. She barked at them and I told her "No..sit." She did so more treats out of my ugly fanny pack. Then she just didn't care and watched them work and was more excited to move on. Walked down the block and another neighbor in yard working, due to the great weather.  Cocoa started to bark at this new stranger did same things and worked. 2 bikers went by and nothing. Her growing up and rewarding positive behavior is the credit. I'm so glad she's almost 7 months. It has been a long training process. Soooo happy!! Now, I have to deal with people who knock at my door...LOL One step at a time."
In my view, this is the result of working with a professional dog trainer.  You learn from a professional the tools needed for the job, how to think with the tools and use them in many ways and many situations.  What you learn from a professional should stick with you and be a part of your life and livingness because it makes so much sense and works so well and can be used in different ways for different situations. 

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