Thursday, November 3, 2011

Perception - Part III

Here are a few tidbits from a thread on Facebook from another trainer who specializes in Pit Bulls, is a major contributor to the Pit Bull support forum and just an all around great lady !!

Hello stupid people, when you get a pit bull puppy from a sketchy situation and call me for advice, please don't ignore that advice. When I suggest heavy socialization, offer puppy kindergarten, and impress upon you why proper obedience is a must, do you even realize how much it angers me AND rips my guts out when you do none of that yet call me a year later to dump that dog because he's now "aggressive"?? Ugh.

And all the Comments...

If you dont know or dont understand the breed ,,, learn or dont have one,, Its not the puppies fault its yours.... Stupid owners..

there are a million of those people getting these dogs, and they are the route of our problem. training and rehab is a must if we are going to continue to rescue the breed we so adore and love♥

People need to be educated when it comes to pitbulls...they aren't bad dogs but when they come from bad situations, it takes a person with experience, patience, and a lot of love to give to take them in and teach them to trust again and how to be embassadors for the breed...I know I own one...God bless you for what you do

Its so sad that people like this ruin our's not the breeds fault its the people. Thanks for helping try to educate them.....its all we can do

I would tear someone a new asshole for that shit. What a waste and a ruined dog. Depending on the level of aggression, it can be a real hassle to teach the dog to ignore another animal. It's manageable, but a pain in the ass. I have some like that, but I got them as adults. I work with them the best I can. The dog may have already been more prone to animal aggression when those people got him, but with you dogs, people. We're trying to get the breed OUT of a bad spot light, not keep them in it. Jenn, at least you tried and sometimes that's all we can do. Pick up the pieces later.

Train your dogs, SOCIALIZE your dogs, don't breed indiscriminately.  The only real way to get rid of the public and media perception of pit bulls is to give them no fodder for their propaganda mills.  Don't give them incidents they can sensationalize and make $$$ off of.

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