Saturday, December 31, 2011

Magical Formula

“We, the modern knowledgeable of all knowledgeable humans, as we care to name ourselves, are no more than an immeasurable brief eye blink in the course of evolution, immensely less than the commonest of all bacteria. Yet, we have never been able to contemplate anything without, in our incommensurable arrogance and painstaking stupidity, changing it—not for the sake of insight, knowledge, or wisdom, nor because of it, but in the name of meagre superstitious and unfounded beliefs.
These modern knowledgeable of all knowledgeable humans have made a life of living—and dying—in antagonism, resenting all and the lot. Yet, evolution shows unequivocally that the secret of a prolonged survival through centuries and millennia lies not in living against, but in living with. Inexorably accepting, understanding and respecting other living beings, independently of species and race—and herein lies the magical formula.”

Roger Abrantes

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