Friday, May 16, 2014

Questions. Does Anyone have Answers?

For what reason would one trainer go out of his way to trash another trainer?  Is that trainers business so bad that he has to make himself look great at the expense of another trainer?  Is that trainer so ashamed of the methods he uses deep down that he has to make all other methods look ineffective?

I admit, I haven't been able to help every single dog that has come my way.  I admit that I'm human and make mistakes.  And I publicly apologize to the very few dogs that I couldn't help whether it was because I couldn't get near the dog or because it was taking longer then the owner was willing to wait.

But I don't publicly publish private emails from a trainer to a client or tell lies about the vets that are supposedly recommending me to clients.  I realize this trainer has barely over 100 likes on his FB page, it's more about the hurt that was attempted because of one of the very few dogs I hadn't managed to help.

Why would someone thinks it's ok to do this to me?  This isn't the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last I'm sure.  It seems to be something that control freaks and sadists need to do to make themselves feel less guilty. It seems to be something they do to elevate themselves over others by trying to make others look lesser.

It makes me wonder if that's the same reasons that they do the things to dogs that they do, to make themselves feel less guilty, less like failures and more like macho men (or women since it was a woman the last time this happened). 

What they don't realize is that this kind of treatment actually makes me feel good.  That I am the target of campaigns like this means that I am making a difference, that I am effective and the dogs I help are known about. 

Every time I read the CL ads from this trainer I laugh.  He says all is bad over here, that the methods don't work, that the statistics are wrong, that fear about the misbehavior of dogs is what people should have and to come to him to not be afraid. 

But he never actually tells people what he is going to be doing to their dog or what he is going to require that they do to their dog.  His latest is that he doesn't do board and train anymore because the dog will only listen to him at the end and not the owner.  Is his training so bad that the dog can't generalize?

This reminds me of a statement he made awhile back that might still be in some of his advertising.  He said that group classes don't work because the dogs are all more interested in the other dogs and can't learn anything.  Funny about that, real life has other dogs, other people, squirrels, cats, lizards and so very many other distractions in it.  If you train in a vacuum, the training will never hold.  So how does he ensure that his training holds?  What methods does he use to keep a dog from wanting to chase a cat?  Is he willing to lay it all out? Full disclosure?

I hide nothing.  Everyone who reads my website, follows my blog or my Facebook page, knows exactly how I train, and how I don't.  More then needing regulations and laws about getting certifications, I think there should be laws about full disclosure and false advertising instead. 

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