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Jamie Robinson is the owner/operator of Seize the Leash. She is an eclectic dog trainer who uses the best training and/or behavior techniques and practices to assist you in teaching your dog. It is her belief that a dog should learn in a positive fashion as this yields the best outcomes resulting in a well-trained, good mannered and obedient dog. Jamie is a dedicated dog trainer who continually improves her training techniques so that Seize the Leash clients receive the most updated training methods.

"I have been training dogs since the early 1970's. I learned first from my Dad, from books, by talking to other trainers, by apprenticing under other trainers, and by attending dog shows and seminars. Asking questions of other trainers was the one of the best ways I found for learning. Asking a question of a dog trainer will usually get you a detailed answer. You may not agree with every method a particular trainer uses, but if you learn one thing from that trainer it was worth it."

Jamie has many solutions for helping dog owners stop unwanted behaviors and creating good behaviors. All it takes are some new training tips, owner/handler and pet education, learning dog psychology, understanding how a dog communicates and willingness to work with your dog and practice. Jamie has authored many articles which provide many solutions to eliminate unwanted behaviors, improve good behaviors and teach your dog basic obedience in just 6 weeks (dependent, of course, upon the dog and how severe the behaviors are and the commitment of the owner to do all homework exactly as taught).

There is a great deal of satisfaction for both pet and owner when training produces results. Problems with animals can be solved with a minimum of cost and effort, when you take advantage of Jamie's extensive practical experience in hands-on dog behavior training. Janie has remained strongly focused on gaining as much experience in as many dog training facets as possible. There is an art to training dogs that only comes with years of experience, keen understanding and a deep passion for dogs.

Your dog provides you with love and companionship, but chances are he also provides you with some unpleasant surprises from time to time—a mess on the carpet or a slobbery pair of slippers, for example. While dogs seem to offer their people love and friendship almost immediately, learning how to live by the rules of a human household does not always come so easily. We've helped humans balance their dogs and become the pack leader. We can teach your dog to bark only when necessary, treat other dogs and humans with respect and to enjoy walking with you.

"I've always maintained that while it's easiest for me to call myself a "dog trainer" when asked what I do for a living, and while I do think it's necessary to teach a dog basic commands like "sit", "stay", "heel", and "come", what I really do is try to teach people a different way to relate to their dogs. Again, I differ from some of the personalities you see on television, and even many of the current popular authors, who often imply that you can't spoil your dog, and who advocate affection as the least important thing to show your dog. What I do is first help people digest the massive amount of information and misinformation they have been given about their animals, then teach them a consistent way to communicate with their animal in a way that their dog can understand, while also helping them correct their dogs behavior issues so that they can live more peaceful and calm lives together."

Solving your dog's behavior problems may take a renewed commitment on your part, but it can be done. And it's worth it. After all, research shows that most dogs and cats are relinquished to animal shelters—or otherwise given up—because of common behavior problems their families didn't know how to solve. Do not quit on your dog, you are all she has. We offer in home programs for dogs of all breeds, ages, and problems. Our training is tailored to each individual dog, with the owner's goals in mind.
Seize the Leash and tighten the bonds you have with your faithful cani
ne companion. With some effort and patience, you can address your dog's behavior problems with basic dog behavior training, and keep your dog where she belongs-with you.

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